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Cave of Wonders

Just a handful of this stuff would make me richer than the sultan!

4 December
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  • caveofwonders@livejournal.com
This is my icon journal. My personal journal is at caroleella. Feel free to friend this journal if you like my icons! Also, no posts will ever be friends only. I think it's silly to restrict the icon love.

Rules for using my icons.

1. Credit is required. To credit, put "caveofwonders" in the keywords. That way, if people see it and like it, they know where to find more of them :)

2. Comments are so, so appreciated.

3. Constructive criticism is also appreciated, if you think you can help me make better icons!

That's it! I sometimes take requests because they inspire me :). If you have a request, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
brushes, caroleella, icons, textures